Bulletproof Launch, Legal & Social Secrets

Are you tired of spinning your wheels in the competitive world of online business?

🚀 Packed with unicorn-approved strategies and mystical tools, this mini-bundle is your ticket to leveling up your business game.

From crafting captivating email funnels to mastering the art of social media enchantment, we’ve got everything you need to launch with confidence and soar to new heights.

Don’t wait another moment to unleash your inner magic!

This is more than just a collection of resources and tools—it’s a roadmap to success crafted by industry experts who have been in your shoes.

With proven strategies and practical insights, this mini-bundle empowers you to level up your business game and achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Imagine the confidence and clarity that come from knowing exactly how to craft irresistible email funnels, engage your audience on social media, and execute flawless launches.

Don’t let another day go by feeling overwhelmed and underprepared!

What's Inside the Freebie Pack:

unicorn sequences: building fun and effective email funnels
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

Unlock the secrets of crafting content that sparkles with unicorn charm and captivates hearts and minds.

Some of what’s inside:

  • Enchanting Subject Lines: Spark curiosity and intrigue from the moment your audience lays eyes on your emails with spellbinding subject lines that leave them eager for more.
  • Compelling Calls to Action: Guide your audience toward action with persuasive calls to action that shine with persuasion and encourage engagement.
  • Transformational Email Funnels: Map out email funnels that lead your audience on a seamless journey of transformation, guiding them toward deeper engagement and connection with your brand.
  • Nourishing Content: Deliver captivating stories and personalized messages that nourish the hearts and minds of your leads, fostering genuine connections and building trust.
  • Visually Stunning Design: Delight your audience with visually stunning emails that evoke wonder and excitement, leaving a lasting impression that sets you apart from the crowd.
How to run a 5-day challenge: the unicorn way
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

Through intuitive exercises, engaging lessons, and inspiring rituals, you’ll unlock the potential for soulful success and create a thriving business that radiates your unique magic.

Some of what will be covered in this workbook:

  • Craft Your Challenge Theme: Unleash your inner unicorn and choose a theme that leaves your participants spellbound, setting the stage for a magical journey of transformation.

  • Day-by-Day Blueprint: Learn the secrets of crafting daily content that keeps your audience enchanted from start to finish, ensuring maximum engagement and participation.

  • Unicorn Engagement Hacks: Discover how to sprinkle engagement magic, keeping your challenge participants active and excited throughout the journey fostering a sense of community and connection.

  • Transform Attendees into Raving Fans: Turn challenge participants into loyal followers who can’t get enough of your mystical brand, creating a tribe of devoted fans eagerly awaiting your next offering.

  • Bonus Spells: Unearth our bonus tips for optimizing your challenge’s success and creating a magical experience for your participants, ensuring that every moment is filled with enchantment and delight.

done for you hashtag vault: Metrics
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

Designed to supercharge your social media presence and help you reach new heights of organic growth!

Carefully curated hashtags: I’ve done the legwork for you!

Work Shutdown Ritual (Create a Work Shutdown Ritual for More Calm and Productivity)
from Allie Proff

The way you end your day has just as much impact (or more) on how you start your next day, not to mention the ability to relax in the evening.

Learn how to create a work shutdown ritual that works for you so you can close out your tabs, know what to do the next day before the caffeine even kicks in, and be able to stop thinking about work because you know you’ve already got everything set up and ready.

The $30k Launch prep kit
from Amanda Renouf

Everything you need to launch your next offer on social media. Get your next launch setup and ready to go today!

Get a kit filled with loom trainings and Canva templates designed by my agency to help you:

  • Build your payment links (subscriptions, payment plans, pay-in-fulls, free trials, etc)
  • Announce doors are officially open with Luxe program covers + canva templates for Facebook, IG Stories, and more!
  • Learn the top launch strategies that have helped my clients have $30k+ launches so you’re set up for success!

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the quarterly quickie
from Braden Drake

The Quarterly Quickie is a 10ish minute quick guide on how to pay your quarterly taxes, including video lessons, a demo of how to pay on the IRS website, and a Google Doc with payment instructions for every state that has income taxes

5 Types of content you can promote on pinterest besides blog posts
from Etinosa

If not having blog posts is holding you back from using Pinterest marketing for your business, I’m here to show you the different types of content you can promote on Pinterest besides blog posts.

Start getting more eyes on your other types of content and offers and also avoid the top three mistakes online entrepreneurs make on Pinterest.

65 Magical Launch Numbers you should track
from Jen Levitz

Discover the 65 Magical Launch Numbers You Should Track to ensure that your next launch is a raving success!

Yep, there are actually SIXTY-FIVE. And if you’re not tracking these magical launch metrics, you’re leaving mountains of money on the table when it could be in YOUR pockets.

With this Google Spreadsheet, you will be able to… Track your 65 magical launch numbers and know where you are on your way to your goals at a glance

Review your numbers post-launch with your team to quickly see all of the things that went well (and where you have room to grow)

Create successful launches time and again using up-to-date numbers and information.

Grab the 65 Magical Launch Numbers You Should Track Spreadsheet and unlock the mystery behind what my 7- and 8-figure clients measure during their launches to find such stunning success.

Repurposing content into 10 pieces of content or more training
from Lindsay Dollinger

Want to save time making content each week?

That skill is what has allowed me to grow multiple businesses to over six figures while working as a full-time classroom teacher.

I show you exactly how to do it in this free 30-minute training!

50 Ways to promote your business without social media course
from Sage Grayson

❌ Sick of social media? Here’s how to get sales without it!

This 90-minute video course helps you build

If you’re burned out from the drama, oversharing, and competition on countless social media platforms, then it’s time to chart your own unique course for your business.

Whew! I feel better already.
In This Course You’ll Learn:

  • ☕ Why marketing matters for your business’s success. You can’t “set it and forget it!”
  • ☕ How social media has failed us and how to recover from too much drama and stress.
  • ☕ How to define clear boundaries in your business to protect your time, money, energy, and mental health.
  • ☕ The key to getting sales when you need to step back from the influence of social media.
  • ☕ 50 simple (yet effective!) ways to promote your business without social media, without working long hours or draining your bank account.
  • ☕ Promotion tips for any type of business with easy tweaks for digital products, physical products, services, and more!
  • ☕ A customizable action plan for upping your marketing game for the next full year without relying on social media.

What's Inside the Power Up Pack:


Magical launch rituals and ceremonies
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

Infuse Your Launch with Intention and Positive Energy. In this course, you’ll learn to harness the power of cosmic energy to propel your brand to new heights of success in the vast business galaxy!

Join me on a journey of cosmic brilliance, where launches are infused with intention, positivity, and boundless energy.

Some of what we’ll cover in this course packed with 47 exercises:

  • Harness the Power of Intention: Unlock the secrets of intention and witness how it influences the success of your launch, guiding you towards cosmic alignment and abundance.

  • Align with Your Brand’s Essence: Discover rituals designed to align your launch with the cosmic essence of your brand, ensuring authenticity and resonance with your audience.

  • Clearing Energetic Blocks: Release obstacles and create space for abundance and success by clearing energetic blocks that may hinder your launch’s cosmic journey.

  • Enchant Your Offer: Craft irresistible offers infused with cosmic energy, captivating your audience and guiding them on a journey of transformation.

  • The Magic of Storytelling: Master the art of storytelling and learn how to weave compelling narratives that resonate deeply with your audience, leaving them spellbound and eager to engage with your brand.

Soulful Business Success Challenge
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

A 5-Day Journey to Align Your Business with Your Soul’s Purpose and Unlock Success: Infuse Your Business with Soulful Purpose!

Discover the transformative power of aligning your business with your soul’s deepest calling. 

Some of what we’ll cover in this guidebook packed with 39 exercises:

  • Day-by-Day Guidance: Immerse yourself in five days of soulful discovery, uncovering your soul’s calling, crafting your soulful brand, and cultivating a mindset of abundance and success.

  • Intuitive Exercises: Engage in soulful exercises designed to unlock your unique magic, align your business with purpose, and embrace sustainable success. From journal prompts to visualization techniques, each exercise guides you deeper into your soul’s brilliance.

  • Authenticity in Marketing: Learn how to market your business with authenticity and integrity, forging genuine connections with your audience that transcend transactional relationships.

  • Mindset Mastery: Cultivate a mindset of abundance and alignment to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting success in your business journey. With powerful mindset shifts, you’ll tap into the limitless potential of your soul’s wisdom.

  • Practical Strategies: Gain practical strategies and insights to infuse soulful purpose into every aspect of your business, from branding to marketing to client relationships. Let the magic of soulful strategy elevate your business to new heights of success!

every day payday
from Angela Henderson

4-part online sales accelerator to get more leads, more sales, and more money in your pocket.

Get started quickly and with ease.

Organize your digital files ebook
from Allie Proff

The Digital Declutter: Organize Your Digital Files ebook is created to help content creators like bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters organize their files online, saving them time and money and helping them be more efficient. This works for both individuals as well as growing teams.

Inside the ebook, you’ll get practical solutions and advice on how to find and inventory what you have (and maybe save money not paying for storage you’re not using), brainstorm and build your organizational map, create a plan on how to move your files with the least impact on your business, and then how to maintain your organization moving forward.

the airtable content bank template
from Amanda Renouf

Get the exact content bank template we use in my business (and clients businesses) to organize social media + email content using the microphone method!

What’s included in this Airtable Content Bank Template:

  • An Airtable Content Bank Template that you can easily copy/add to your Airtable Account so you can make managing social media & email a breeze
  • Content Filters & Tagging System for Launches & Evergreen Content so you always have content you can rinse & repeat easily for your launches (& find your offer content fast!)
  • NEW Content Form is a form built into your Airtable Content bank to make adding fresh content to your promotional calendar fast & AUTOMATICALLY

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profit recipe
from Braden Drake

Learn how to make your business more profitable with video lessons on how to understand cash flow, increase your take home pay and get your money shit legit.

Pinterest canva templates
from Etinosa

Create stand-out pins easily with this set of 15 Pinterest Canva templates. Strategically designed and fully customizable, these Pinterest templates make it easy for you to create click-worthy pins to promote your blog posts, products, podcasts and more on Pinterest.

Launch decision guide
from Jen Levitz

The Launch Decision Guide is your magical ticket for unlocking how to launch! This expert-created cheatsheet helps you choose launch strategies that best support you and your business.

This resource empowers business owners to make informed decisions about their next launch based on their goals, launch complexity, and the amount of time they have to get their launch off the ground.

Whether you’re ready to grow your list, launch a new product, or increase sales on an established one, this guide will point you in the direction of the launch that will bring you the most success!

mermaid influence school: Diving deep into the social media seas
from Lindsay Dollinger

This 3 part training includes workbooks that will help you get clear on your social media marketing and explain the how-tos of planning, delivering, and converting in your content!

We even talk about how you can use AI, Canva, and Trello to make your content planning simpler.

the 2-day product producer course
from Sage Grayson

⭐Got too many ideas but no follow-through? ⭐ Here’s how to stop procrastinating on creating your next product and launch it into the world ASAP!

Sometimes, you just need to light a fire under your behind.🔥 Don’t let procrastination and perfectionism stop you from helping your clients solve their biggest problems.

In This Course You’ll Learn:

  • ⭐ Why you must speed up your content creation instead of dragging your feet as usual.
  • ⭐ How to choose a topic for your new product and what to include to best help your customers without overwhelming them.
  • ⭐ A no-brainer pricing model that honors your effort and the product’s value.
  • ⭐ Genius ways to repurpose old content so you’re not building everything from scratch.
  • ⭐ My step-by-step daily schedules for planning and making your new product in only 2 days.
  • ⭐ 30 high-value product ideas for businesses with physical products, digital products, services, and more.

Choose Your Magical Path:

Discover the Enchantment Without Spending a Dime!

With the Freebie Pack, You’ll Access Valuable Gifts, Insights, and Unicorn Wisdom.

It’s Your Ticket to Experiencing the Mojo Magic Firsthand, and it Won’t Cost You a Single Stardust! 🌈


  • Unicorn Sequences: Building Fun and Effective Email Funnels
  • How to Run a 5-Day Challenge: The Unicorn Way
  • Done for You Hashtag Vault: Metrics
  • Create a Shutdown Ritual for More Calm and Productivity
  • The $39k Launch Prep Kit
  • The Quarterly Quickie
  • 5 Types of Content You Can Promote on Pinterest Besides Blog Posts
  • 65 Magical Launch Numbers You Should Track
  • Repurposing Content into 10 Pieces of Content or More Training
  • 50 Ways to Promote Your Business Without Social Media Course

Double Your Unicorn Magic with a Power Up Pack for Only $9!

Get 13 More Offers + One Ticket for The Power Up Raffle


  • EVERYTHING FROM THE FREEBIE PACK (no need to sign up twice!)
  • Magical Launch Rituals and Ceremonies
  • The Unicorn Mojo Onboarding Kit
  • Every Day Payday
  • Organize Your Digital Files eBook
  • The Airtable Content Bank Template
  • Profit Recipe
  • Pinterest Canva Templates
  • Launch Decision Guide
  • Mermaid Influence School: Diving Deep Into the Social Media Seas
  • The 2-Day Product Producer Course

Lucky Winners Will Receive One Of:

  • $50 in Mojo Bucks to use in the Sparkleverse™ Shop (Unicorn Mojo)
  • 30-min Consultation/ Ask Me Anything Session to Help Get Started Organizing with Allie Proff
  • 30-min Simple & PROFITABLE Content Strategy Call with Amanda Renouf
  • Unf*ck Your Biz book (physical copy mailed to you) with Braden Drake
  • Pinterest Power Hour with Etinosa
  • Dream Business Academy Spot with Lindsay Dollinger
  • 30-min One-on-One Strategy Call with Lindsay Dollinger
  • Power Hour Call with Sage Grayson

The Mini-Bundle is Sponsored By:

Meet the Experts:​

Crystal Berg

Unicorn Mojo: Brand Alchemist, Tech Witch, Intuitive Strategist

Angela Henderson

Business Consultant, Speaker, Podcaster

Allie Proff

Technically Eclectic:
Digital Organizer

holly ostrout

Books & Alchemy: Book Author & Coach

Jessica Berry

J. Berry Editorial, LLC: Fiction Book Writer

mikael short

The Intuitive Editor: Editor in Chief

Amanda Renouf

Expansion with Amanda:
Fractal COO & Spiritual Business Operations Manager

Braden Drake

Not Your Average Law Firm:
Licensed Attorney & Tax Professional

Etinosa U.

A Pin in Time Designs:
Website Designer & Pinterest Strategist

Jen Levitz

Spellbinding Launches:
Launch Strategist & Business Wizard

Lindsay Dollinger

Purpose and Pixie Dust:
Business Coach

Sage grayson

Life Editor, Coach, Author, and Speaker

About Your Host

I’m Crystal Berg, a Weaver of Unicorn Mojo, Brand Alchemist, Intuitive Strategist, and Tech Witch for Intentional Biz Owners.

I’ve been a tech entrepreneur since the age of 11, when I started building computers in my dad’s basement.

For over a decade, I’ve worked exclusively in the world of pixels, supporting fellow magic makers: coaches, healers, service providers, and animal-based biz owners manifest their vision into the world.

Over the years, I have produced and managed around 100 summits, giveaways, and bundles and decided it’s time to manifest a unique version that is more beneficial to the experts and attendees and is also affordable.

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