The Content Creators Toolbox & Becoming an Onboarding Superstar

In a crowded digital landscape, standing out is more challenging than ever.

As an online business owner, you understand the importance of cutting through the noise and capturing your audience’s attention.

This curated collection of tools, resources, and expert guidance was designed to empower you with the skills and strategies you need to thrive in today’s competitive market.

This mini-bundle is your secret weapon for success!

Inside you’ll find a wealth of invaluable insights and practical tools that will revolutionize the way you approach content creation and onboarding.

From expert advice on crafting compelling content to actionable steps for optimizing your onboarding process, each resource is carefully curated to help you achieve your business goals faster and more effectively.

With these powerful resources at your fingerprints, you’ll be equipped to attract, engage, and retain your audience like never before, setting yourself apart as a true leader in your industry.

What's Inside the Freebie Pack:

content creation guidebook
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

Unlock the secrets of crafting content that sparkles with unicorn charm and captivates hearts and minds.

Some of what’s inside:

  • Unlock Your Creative Magic: Embrace your inner content creator and unlock the limitless potential of your imagination.

  • Tap Into Inspiration: Discover how to cultivate your creative space and harness the power of inspiration to fuel your content creation journey.

  • Master Research and Planning Spells: Learn the secrets of research and planning spells to craft compelling content that captivates your audience.

  • Craft Spellbinding Content: Master the art of writing, crafting spellbinding headlines, and weaving stories with words that leave your readers enchanted.

  • Polish Your Prose with Unicorn Shine: Add the finishing touches to your content with unicorn shine, incorporate visual magic, and promote your creations with a charm that dazzles.

the onboarding spellbook: crafting sparkly connections exercise workbook
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

This workbook is your guide to turning ordinary onboarding processes into extraordinary experiences that leave your customers enchanted. Craft unforgettable connections, foster loyalty, and watch your business shine like a unicorn’s horn in the night sky.

Dive into 50 enchanting exercises designed to infuse your onboarding process with magic and charm. From whimsical greetings to captivating farewells, each exercise is crafted to create moments of delight and wonder.

done for you hashtag vault: content creation
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

Designed to supercharge your social media presence and help you reach new heights of organic growth!

Carefully curated hashtags: I’ve done the legwork for you!

delegate better workbook
from Danielle Levy

Get more done in less time with the Delegate Better Workbook.

Delegating is the best way to focus on the most important tasks in your business – saving you time and money and helping your business grow.

Work Shutdown Ritual (Create a Work Shutdown Ritual for More Calm and Productivity)
from Allie Proff

The way you end your day has just as much impact (or more) on how you start your next day, not to mention the ability to relax in the evening.

Learn how to create a work shutdown ritual that works for you so you can close out your tabs, know what to do the next day before the caffeine even kicks in, and be able to stop thinking about work because you know you’ve already got everything set up and ready.

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the eact tasks to delegate to team to get 100+ aligned leads per week
from Amanda Renouf

Get an audience of “DREAM CLIENTS” who are ready to buy your offers.

Learn the top 5 tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant today.

use your personal brand to create content simply
from Lindsay Dollinger

In this free 30-minute training, learn how to create a brand that magnetizes your future clients to you, and then learn how to create content to convert them into clients.

Learn how to use your brand to create content that speaks to your clients, and make content creation a “no-brainer”!

Back from the dead: how to revive your products that aren't selling
from Sage Grayson

We all have dead products haunting the deep recesses of our businesses like lonely ghosts. Learn how to become a mad scientist to resurrect your dead products so you can get sales so fast it’s scary!

In This FREE Workshop, You’ll:

  • 👻 Hunt through the dark and murky places in your business and dig up your dead products that still have value.
  • 👻 Send your dead products to the graveyard, dismember them, or mix them up in the cauldron to breathe new life into your content.
  • 👻 Become a mad scientist to resurrect your dead products so you can get sales so fast it’s scary!
from the crown down: channel-in your content with your expert queen archetypes audio coaching & workbook
from Shama Besley

The truth is, that copywriting, content creation, and marketing are all ENERGETIC SKILLS.

When you understand who you are and how you serve FIRST, you can connect and transmit your Vibrational Voice more easily.

In this mini-series of audio coaching, you’ll be guided on how you can reflect the true nature of the services and products you offer in clear and compelling language by speaking from your Expert Queen Archetypes™.

This approach removes the resistance from your “logical mind” and helps you communicate the benefits of working with you quickly and honestly.

What's Inside the Power Up Pack:


creative sparkle content idea generator workbook
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

This enchanting workbook is designed to unlock your unicorn mindset and unleash a rainbow of content ideas for your brand. Say goodbye to content block and hello to endless inspiration as you dive into exercises that ignite your creative spark and transform your ideas into captivating content that sparkles like magic!

22 engaging exercises and activities that fuel your creativity and transform your content ideas into reality.

the unicorn mojo onboarding kit
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

A guide to welcoming new clients and team members with a sprinkle of magic!

Some of the things we’ll cover in this guidebook:

  • Learn the principles of magical onboarding and unleash your inner brand alchemist, infusing every interaction with the essence of unicorn magic and charm.
  • Craft enchanting rituals to make every newcomer feel like royalty, creating moments of joy, connection, and celebration that leave a lasting impression.
  • Foster a unicorn team culture where every member feels seen, heard, and empowered to unleash their unique magic and talents.
  • Dive into actionable strategies and techniques to create memorable onboarding experiences that set the stage for long-lasting relationships and success.
every day payday
from Angela Henderson

4-part online sales accelerator to get more leads, more sales, and more money in your pocket.

Get started quickly and with ease.

Organize your digital files ebook
from Allie Proff

The Digital Declutter: Organize Your Digital Files ebook is created to help content creators like bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters organize their files online, saving them time and money and helping them be more efficient. This works for both individuals as well as growing teams.

Inside the ebook, you’ll get practical solutions and advice on how to find and inventory what you have (and maybe save money not paying for storage you’re not using), brainstorm and build your organizational map, create a plan on how to move your files with the least impact on your business, and then how to maintain your organization moving forward.

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the airtable content bank template
from Amanda Renouf

Get the exact content bank template we use in my business (and clients businesses) to organize social media + email content using the microphone method!

What’s included in this Airtable Content Bank Template:

  • An Airtable Content Bank Template that you can easily copy/add to your Airtable Account so you can make managing social media & email a breeze
  • Content Filters & Tagging System for Launches & Evergreen Content so you always have content you can rinse & repeat easily for your launches (& find your offer content fast!)
  • NEW Content Form is a form built into your Airtable Content bank to make adding fresh content to your promotional calendar fast & AUTOMATICALLY
mermaid influence school: Diving deep into the social media seas
from Lindsay Dollinger

This 3 part training includes workbooks that will help you get clear on your social media marketing and explain the how-tos of planning, delivering, and converting in your content!

We even talk about how you can use AI, Canva, and Trello to make your content planning simpler.

50 simple sales multipliers
from Sage Grayson

50 Simple Sales Multipliers helps you boost your bottom line with every purchase by using streamlined automation.

Learn how to DOUBLE OR TRIPLE every sale you make without wasting time hustling or burning yourself out.

In this course you’ll learn: 

  • 🐇 What are sales multipliers and how they boost your bottom line with every purchase.
  • 🐇 How to kindly and genuinely lead your customers to additional products and offers that can help them reach their big goals.
  • 🐇 How to automate your passive income streams for effortless sales so you have more time for living your life. Stop feeling chained to your laptop!
  • 🐇 50 simple (yet effective!) sales multipliers you can implement in your business starting TODAY. Many take less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • 🐇 Ways to make ’em work for any type of business with simple tweaks for digital products, physical products, services, and more!
  • 🐇 A customizable action plan for adding sales multipliers to your business over the next 3 months based on your needs and priorities.
discover & lead from your expert queen archetypes 3-day masterclass
from Shama Besley

During this 2 day masterclass, prepare to have your mind blown. If you love astrology, the elements, or human design, the Expert Queen Archetypes are going to sing to your soul.

Discover where you’ve been leading and where you’ve been hiding.

This masterclass will take place on May 2nd & May 3rd at 10am PST.

  • Day 1: Discover your Expert Queen Archetypes.
  • Day 2: Understand how leading from your Expert Queen Archetypes quickens the changes you desire to see in your life, business, and health. 

Don’t miss out on this chance to have a ⚡ LIVE experience, these trainings are usually reserved for my Queendom Live Mentoring programs

*Limited-time replays will be sent out after the workshop. Can’t wait to see you there!

Choose Your Magical Path:

Discover the Enchantment Without Spending a Dime!

With the Freebie Pack, You’ll Access Valuable Gifts, Insights, and Unicorn Wisdom.

It’s Your Ticket to Experiencing the Mojo Magic Firsthand, and it Won’t Cost You a Single Stardust! 🌈


  • Content Creation Guidebook: Make sure every element of content creation, from imaginative research to enchanting promotion, shines brightly
  • The Onboarding Spellbook: Crafting Sparkly Connections Exercise Workbook
  • Done for You Hashtag Vault: Content Creation
  • Delegate Better Workbook
  • Tame Your Tabs: Create a Work Shutdown Ritual for More Calm and Productivity
  • The Exact Tasks to Delegate to Team to Get 100+ Aligned Leads per Week
  • Use Your Personal Brand to Create Content Simply
  • Back from the Dead: How to Revive Your Products that Aren’t Selling
  • From the Crown Down: Channel-In Your Content with Your Expert Queen Archetypes Audio Coaching & Workbook

Double Your Unicorn Magic with a Power Up Pack for Only $9!

Get 13 More Offers + One Ticket for The Power Up Raffle


  • EVERYTHING FROM THE FREEBIE PACK (no need to sign up twice!)
  • Creative Sparkle Content Idea Generator Workbook
  • The Unicorn Mojo Onboarding Kit
  • Every Day PayDay Online Sales Accelerator
  • Organize Your Digital Files eBook
  • The Airtable Content Bank Template
  • Mermaid Influence School: Diving Deep into the Social Media Seas
  • 50 Simple Sales Multiplers Course
  • Discover & Lead From Your Expert Queen Archetypes 3-Day Masterclass

Lucky Winners Will Receive One Of:

  • $50 in Mojo Bucks to use in the Sparkleverse™ Shop (Unicorn Mojo)
  • 30-min Consultation/ Ask Me Anything Session to Help Get Started Organizing with Allie Proff
  • 30-min Simple & PROFITABLE Content Strategy Call
  • Dream Business Academy Spot with Lindsay Dollinger
  • 30-min One-on-One Strategy Call with Lindsay Dollinger
  • Power Hour Call with Sage Grayson

The Mini-Bundle is Sponsored By:​

Meet the Experts:

Crystal Berg

Unicorn Mojo:
Brand Alchemist, Tech Witch, Intuitive Strategist

Angela Henderson

Business Consultant, Speaker, Podcaster

Danielle C. Levy

Problem Solver

Allie Proff

Technically Eclectic:
Digital Organizer

Amanda Renouf

Expansion with Amanda:
Fractal COO & Spiritual Business Operations Manager

Lindsay Dollinger

Purpose and Pixie Dust:
Business Coach

Sage grayson

Life Editor, Coach, Author, and Speaker

Shama Besley

Sonoma Healing Press

About Your Host

I’m Crystal Berg, a Weaver of Unicorn Mojo, Brand Alchemist, Intuitive Strategist, and Tech Witch for Intentional Biz Owners.

I’ve been a tech entrepreneur since the age of 11, when I started building computers in my dad’s basement.

For over a decade, I’ve worked exclusively in the world of pixels, supporting fellow magic makers: coaches, healers, service providers, and animal-based biz owners manifest their vision into the world.

Over the years, I have produced and managed around 100 summits, giveaways, and bundles and decided it’s time to manifest a unique version that is more beneficial to the experts and attendees and is also affordable.

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