The Writer's Journey: Essential Tools for Wordsmiths

Are you tired of feeling like your writing is missing that special spark?

Do you long to captivate your readers and leave them craving more with every word you pen? 

This curated collection of tools, resources, and expert guidance are here to empower you to unleash your creativity, hone your craft, and take your writing to the next level!

Are you ready to step into the story?

Imagine the satisfaction of crafting prose that resonates with your audience and leaves them spellbound, eagerly turning the pages for more.

Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or just beginning your literary adventure, there’s something for you inside this mini-bundle.

From mastering the art of storytelling to navigating the intricacies of the publishing world, these offerings are design to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

What's Inside the Freebie Pack:

the unicorns guide to creative writing guidebook
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

Immerse yourself in the charm and magic of unicorns, infusing your writing with sparkle, whimsy, and wonder.

Some of what’s inside:

  • Inspiring writing prompts: Spark your creativity with prompts that will transport you to fantastical realms, ignite your imagination, and breathe life into your stories.
  • Enchanting Exercises: Whimsical exercises designed to help you creaft enchanting characters, weave captivating plots, and describe vivid worlds that leap off the page. With each exercise, you’ll hone your craft and discover new dimensions of your storytelling abilities.
done for you hashtag vaults for books & writing
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

Designed to supercharge your social media presence and help you reach new heights of organic growth!

Carefully curated hashtags: I’ve done the legwork for you!

Novel Parkour 5-Day writing challenge
from Caitlin Fisher

Outline your novel in five days in the Novel Parkour challenge! Ideal for ADHD and auDHD writers, Novel Parkour is an approach that ends overthinking and brain drama when it comes to drafting your novel.

In just five days, you’ll have a new relationship with your story and a complete outline to follow (or not) as you write your book on your terms.

Creating a Soulful writing foundation bundle
from Dan Teck

Ready to lay the groundwork for your most meaningful writing yet?

This soulful bundle is tailored for authors who aspire to infuse depth and authenticity into their work.

Take an important step toward writing a book that resonates deeply with your readers, and begin building the foundation of your writing journey today!

🩵 Writing ritual creator
from Holly Ostrout

Hit your writing goals without burning out. Even if you’ve tried it all before. And even if you’re busy!

Introducing the Writing Ritual Creator—A beautiful, flexible, and easy to use organizing tool that helps you create a ritual for writing your book that works for YOU. It’s pretty great!

And after using it, you’ll…

  • Have an inspired record of your writing word counts and how many words you’ve edited because seeing how great you’ve done inspires you to do even more.
  • Know what works for you: the best days, times, and places to actually write good words… NOT site there staring dolefully at a blinking cursor.
  • Feel confident you’re on track to finish your book this year, not five years from now, because you’re able to make the most of the tiny pockets of writing time you’ve got.
The No-nonsense guide to self-publishing
from Jessica Berry

Your self-publishing journey? It’s important to get this right in order to effectively publish your book.

And when you’re confused and don’t know what steps to take, it makes everything take longer than it should. So what’s an author to do?

Let’s get started right away on your book journey—without wasting any more of your time trying to figure it out on your own. After using this resource, you’ll walk away with the information to plan your self-publishing.

From first draft to publish ready - 12 emails in 12 days
from Mikael Short

Whether you’re looking to self-publish or traditionally publish your book, there are a handful of ways to prepare your manuscript before you ship it out to the world… or to an agent, editor, or publisher.

The “From First Draft to Publish Ready” email series will help you discover how to turn your first draft into a submission-ready or publishing-ready manuscript! It’s like a mini-course on:

  • How to self-edit & self-revise your manuscript
  • How to prepare your book for an audience or an editor
  • How to find the right editor for YOU and your book
  • And what type of editing your manuscript may need
productivity for writers
from Naima Sheikh

Get Productivity for Writers, and discover how I learned to leverage the tiny bits of time in the margins of life, and get in enough writing time to produce a substantially higher word count than a glance at my calendar and to-do list would guess.

Keep scrolling, or…

The Unconventional Book-Writing Guide for Soul-Led, Aspiring Authors
from Nicola Humber

I want you to get into momentum with your book-writing (the world needs your magic, unbound one!) So, I’ve put together this handy (and not at all conventional!) guide to answer your 10 most burning questions.

  • How long should my book be?
  • How do I know if my idea is any good?
  • How much money will I make from my book?

These are just some of the questions I’m sharing the answers to. Whether you’re in the ‘thinking about’ stages of writing or you’re in the midst of your book-writing journey, get ready for some powerful a-ha moments!

write like an editor: content creation masterclass
from Sage Grayson

Write Like an Editor helps you find your voice, edit your content, and get more sales with your blog.

Plus, you’ll learn my technique for planning an entire year’s worth of content in less than an hour. Yes, really!

10 Free & Cheap Ways to Fall Back in Love With Writing
from Sloan Fiffer

You deserve more joy in your writing life.

Maybe you’re writing a novel. Or a memoir, or a blog, or podcast scripts, or journalistic non-fiction, or a poetry collection.

Whatever your project, it will benefit from a bit of experimentation. Let’s play together!

The looks and gazes quickstart guide
from Stacy Juba

Unfortunately, most fiction writers have trouble coming up with fresh nonverbal communication phrases, and “Look” is the biggest culprit.

Download The Looks and Gazes Quickstart Guide and start punching up those trite sentences. Inside, you’ll discover more than 100 ways to describe your characters’ looks and gazes.

tools to help you learn all you need to know to write your best seller
from Steve Kidd

A collection of tools to take all the struggle out of making your book a Best Seller and show you how to:

  • Understand all the elements of book marketing
  • Determine what the best monetization plan for your book is
  • Write your book
  • A formula for marketing your book

Based on the same process I have used to help over 4,000 people become Best Selling Authors. YOU CAN BE NEXT!

distill your nonfiction book idea audio masterclass & Guidebook
from Shama Besley

In this audio masterclass, we’re going to help you get the clarity you need so you can FINALLY feel confident about the book idea you want to write (the first one!) and deliver the book your Citizens are CRAVING.

What's Inside the Power Up Pack:


storytelling mastery for content creators exercise book
from Crystal Berg (aka Unicorn Mojo)

The art of crafting compelling narratives to captivate and engage audiences.

Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Uncover the narratives that transport readers to fantastical worlds and leave them craving more.
  • Construct narratives that resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impact.
  • Explore the power of unexpected plot twists.
  • Weaving stories that resonate deeply with your readers, forging bonds that last a lifetime.
  • 60 Writing Exercises
you should write that novel
from Caitlin Fisher

Get your novel out of your brain and onto the page where it belongs!

From brainstorming and worldbuilding to creating an outline and accommodating your neurodivergence to establish the writing routine you can stick to, this course helps you bring your story to life – and eventually to the shelf!

the inner journey of writing workshop
from Dan Teck

Ready to transform your writing experience by tapping into your inner journey?

Join this self-paced workshop to explore the emotional and spiritual depths of writing and uncover the heart of your creative voice!

It’s a transformative experience that will guide you through the emotional landscapes of writing, help you overcome internal challenges, and nurture the joy and creativity in your craft.

Impact Ink -or- imagination ink premium newsletter 1-yr subscription
from Holly Ostrout

Get a 1 year subscription to either Holly’s fiction or nonfiction premium newsletter—so you can finally make that dream of writing an amazing book come true, with easy action steps each week!

Hey, World-Changer, want to turn your insight into impact? With Impact Ink., you don’t just write a book – you craft the book that launches a movement, builds a powerful community, or maybe even changes the world. If you’ve had “write a book” or “grow my business” on your to-do list, but you’ve been finding it hard to fit in time for both, then Impact Ink. is the un-overwhelming answer. Each week, you’ll get a value-packed email with a bite-sized action item to get you one step closer to finishing the book that will grow your business and maybe even change the world.

What to turn your imagination into a page-turning book? With Imagination Ink., you don’t just write a book – you create a new world to immerse countless readers in. Create new worlds and change your own, starting today.

the 30-day author's empowerment journal
from Jessica Berry

Are you a fiction author feeling overwhelmed by self-doubt and comparison to other writers?

Imagine breaking free from imposter syndrome and rediscovering your passion for writing. The 30-Day Author’s Empowerment Journal can help you do that. It will guide you to embrace your unique voice.

This 30-day journal is designed specifically for authors who are dealing with self-confidence and comparison. It provides you with daily prompts, affirmations, and reflection exercises to help you overcome writer’s impostor syndrome. By dedicating just a few minutes each day to journaling, you’ll gradually build a positive mindset and feel more confident about yourself as a writer

Picture yourself starting each day with a motivational prompt that sets the tone for productive writing sessions. Imagine jotting down your thoughts and feelings as you answer questions that challenge negative beliefs. You can overcome this hurdle and actually enjoy writing your story again.

The divine creativity chakra healing meditation & transmission
from Mikael Short

When you show up for yourself with care and love, divine creativity shows up for you, too.

Through this 30-minute guided meditation and visualization exercise, you are guided to ground into your body, into the natural creativity of the Earth, and into the everlasting Source of all that is—where creativity originated. Paired with powerful musical frequencies crafted to balance your chakras and energetic bodies, this channeled meditation is designed to heal your entire system while partnering you with the most powerful creative forces known… And one of them is YOU.

This meditation helps to anchor it into your very being and discover what you’re meant to write next with the Divine Creativity Chakra Healing Meditation. Heal, clear, and balance your energetic body for increased creative flow in under 30 minutes! Just sit back, relax, and receive this healing audio track.

idea to killer content workshop
from Naima Sheikh

A 4-step system that shows you exactly how to turn your random ideas into content that delights and converts visitors into loyal fans and customers.

Every piece of content has a job to do, and it isn’t to just feed the algorithms!

In this live recording workshop:

  • The key to making your content efforts pay off into the right kind of attention
  • How to turn ideas into relevant pre-launch and nurture content
  • The powerful 4-step system to churn out solid content pieces that work for you
  • Includes workbook plus a completely worked out example for you to follow

Get smart about content so it works for YOU!

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from Nicole Humber

5-step Masterclass showing you how to create a consistent and dedicated book-writing practice that doesn’t have you chained to your desk and still allows you to feel free.

If you’re feeling the call to write a book but find yourself getting lost in procrastination, distraction, and overwhelm, the Time to Write Masterclass will give you the key ingredients to create an unstoppable writing practice. 

Let’s get your book written in 2024!

Multi-me mastery: how to do it all when there's only one of you
from Sage Grayson

Multi-Me Mastery is an in-depth course to help you use boundaries, automation, delegation, and technology to make time for your most important priorities.

No more wishing you had a clone. No more burnout and overwhelm. Just simple mastery of your precious time.

how to herd cats: chaos-proof your writing life audio course
from Sloan Fiffer

Writers with ADHD, new parents, neurospicy & spoonie creatives: you don’t have to lose track of your writing life!

This audio course helps you develop a flexible writing practice that works with you – even when you have no time, no focus, no energy, and no consistency.

Using four key concepts (& a memorable acronym), you can implement immediately and remind yourself when life throws you off and you need to refresh the system.

And yes, the acronym is CATS. Because I couldn’t help myself.

book blurbs made simple: how to write back cover copy that stands out and hooks readers mini-course
from Stacy Juba

This mini-course helps fiction and nonfiction authors master their blurbs so they can draw in readers and sell more books.

First, you’ll discover essential tips for writing a powerful book description and the common pitfalls to avoid. Then you’ll go through a foolproof research process where you’ll learn the secrets to attracting readers in your category.

Finally, you’ll draft a blurb and use the 50-page workbook, cheat sheets, and adjective inspiration list to help you revise. If you’re ready to simplify the blurb-writing process and learn the tips and tricks that will help you create a professional, persuasive, and engaging book description, then this course is for you.

there are 4 segments to writing your book. this class is going to help you develop each of them.
from Steve Kidd

The #1 thing everyone writing a book struggles with is finishing.

Everyone I have ever worked with struggles with:

  • Being Vulnerable and Authentic
  • Writing what their reader needs
  • How to narrow down everything they want to say

But what if you could get your book DONE and LOVE IT!?! This Training is going to walk you through step-by-step every element of your book and help you get it DONE! I hold nothing back. I will share with you the same things I have use to help over 4000 people get their book written.

You are not just going to write a book. You are going to write a book you love! A book that can make an impact in peoples lives. Many of my clients have been trying to write their book for years! After chasing their tail and never quite getting traction, they grow frustrated and feel like they will never truly succeed.

Sound familiar? I know it does, because every single person I work with says exactly the same thing!

Give me two hours for this 4 weeks and let’s change, maximize and produce your book with an impact that will change your life and other peoples lives FOREVER!

what it takes to author your signature body of work live masterclass
from Shama Besley

If you want to author a New Healing Modality, an Oracle Card Deck, a Book or short series, or even an online course or program… this 90 Minute Masterclass is for you! Join me LIVE on May 1st at 10:00 am Pacific.

Choose Your Magical Path:

Discover the Enchantment Without Spending a Dime!

With the Freebie Pack, You’ll Access Valuable Gifts, Insights, and Unicorn Wisdom.

It’s Your Ticket to Experiencing the Mojo Magic Firsthand, and it Won’t Cost You a Single Stardust! 🌈


  • The Unicorn’s Guide to Creative Writing: Tips and Exercises to Spark Creativity in Your Writing
  • Done for You Hashtag Vault for Books & Writing
  • Novel Parkour 5-Day Writing Challenge
  • Creating a Soulful Writing Foundation Bundle
  • Writing Ritual Creator Tool
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Self-Publishing
  • From First Draft to Publish Ready – 12 Emails in 12 Days
  • Productivity for Writers
  • The Unconventional Book-Writing Guide for Soul-Led, Aspiring Authors
  • Write Like an Editor: Content Creation Masterclass
  • 10 Free & Cheap Ways to Fall Back in Love with Writing
  • The Looks and Gazes Quickstart Guide
  • Tools to Help you Learn all You Need to Know to Write Your Best Seller
  • Distill Your Nonfiction Book Idea Audio Masterclass & Guidebook

Double Your Unicorn Magic with a Power Up Pack for Only $9!

Get 13 More Offers + One Ticket for The Power Up Raffle


  • EVERYTHING FROM THE FREEBIE PACK (no need to sign up twice!)
  • Storytelling Mastery for Content Creators Exercise Book
  • You Should Write that Novel Course
  • The Inner Journey of Writing Workshop
  • Impact Ink or Imagination Ink Premium Newsletter 1-year Subscription
  • The 30-Day Author’s Empowerment Journal
  • The Divine Creativity Chakra Healing Meditation & Transmission
  • Idea to Killer Content Workshop
  • Time to Write Masterclass
  • Multi-Me Mastery: How to Do it All When There’s Only One for You Course
  • How to Herd Cats: Chaos-Proof Your Writing Life Audio Course
  • Book Blurbs Made Simple: How to Write Back Cover Copy that Stands Out and Hooks Readers Mini-Course
  • 4 Segments to Writing Your Book Class
  • What it Takes to Author Your Signature Body of Work Live Masterclass

Lucky Winners Will Receive One Of:

  • $50 in Mojo Bucks to use in the Sparkleverse™ Shop (Unicorn Mojo)
  • Writing Power Hour 90-min Coaching Sessions with Caitlin Fisher
  • 60-min Book-Writing Coaching Session with Dan Teck
  • 45-min Book Roadmap Strategy Call to Plan Out the Winner’s Business-Building Book (no pitch) with Holly Ostrout
  • Bust Through Creative Blocks Intuitive Assessment with Mikael Short
  • First Chapter Feedback with Mikael Short
  • Power Hour Call with Sage Grayson
  • Vision Board Toolkit for Writers with Stacy Jubb
  • 60-min Marketing Strategy Session with Steve Kidd

The Mini-Bundle is Sponsored By:​

Meet the Experts:

Crystal Berg

Unicorn Mojo: Brand Alchemist, Tech Witch, Intuitive Strategist

caitlin fisher

Ask Fish Disher

Dan Teck


holly ostrout

Books & Alchemy: Book Author & Coach

Jessica Berry

J. Berry Editorial, LLC: Fiction Book Writer

mikael short

The Intuitive Editor: Editor in Chief

naima sheikh

Naima Consulting: Digital Strategist

nicola humber

The Unbound Press: Founder

Sage grayson

Life Editor, Coach, Author, and Speaker

Sloan Fiffer

K. Sloan Fiffer Editing and Book Coaching: Editor and Writing Coach

Stacy juba

Shortcuts for Writers: Author, Editor, and Online Course Creator

Steve Kidd

Thriving Best Sellers, LLC: Chief Alchemist

Shama Besley

Sonoma Healing Press

About Your Host

I’m Crystal Berg, a Weaver of Unicorn Mojo, Brand Alchemist, Intuitive Strategist, and Tech Witch for Intentional Biz Owners.

I’ve been a tech entrepreneur since the age of 11, when I started building computers in my dad’s basement.

For over a decade, I’ve worked exclusively in the world of pixels, supporting fellow magic makers: coaches, healers, service providers, and animal-based biz owners manifest their vision into the world.

Over the years, I have produced and managed around 100 summits, giveaways, and bundles and decided it’s time to manifest a unique version that is more beneficial to the experts and attendees and is also affordable.

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