The Spark Within: Shadow Work & Soulful Circles

You’re surrounded by the soft glow of moonlight, the scent of incense lingering in the air, and the gentle rustle of leaves as you step into a realm where intuition reigns supreme, and unicorns whisper secrets of ancient wisdom.

Guided by the moon’s gentle sway and fueled by the power of crystals, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery like no other.

As the tale unfolds, you’ll discover a dazzling array of tools and gifts, carefully curated to help you unveil your inner alchemist, embrace your inner witch, and unlock the magic that resides within.

These aren’t just offerings; they’re the keys to your own transformation, the whispered of the universe, and the spark that ignites your soul’s true purpose. This isn’t a sales pitch—it’s an invitation to join us in a realm where your intuition takes the lead, and your inner magic reigns supreme.

Are you ready to step into the story?

Unicorn Mojo Mini-Bundles are small; they’re about Embracing Less So You Can Experience More!

Unlock Your Inner Alchemist: With the Power Up Pack, you gain access to an array of tools designed to help you unveil your inner alchemist. Dive deep into the mystical realms with the Unveil Your Intuition Self-Discovery Guide, and explore the profound wisdom of Tarot Card Spreads and Crystal Grids. These treasures will empower you to create, manifest, and transform your reality in ways you’ve only dreamt of. Don’t miss the chance to harness your inner magic and unlock your true potential.

Guidance from the Universe Itself: Our gifts are not just tools; they are keys to unlocking the wisdom of the cosmos. The Shadow Work Tarot Card Spreads and Unicorn-Infused Ceremony Planning Toolkit will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and ritual creation like no other. Imagine crafting ceremonies that connect you with the energies of the universe and utilizing tarot spreads to gain profound insights into your life’s path. These gifts will empower you to navigate life’s twists and turns with grace and wisdom.

Raffle of Wonders Awaits: When you purchase the Power Up Pack, you’re not just gaining access to these extraordinary gifts – you’re also entering our mystical raffle! Imagine winning $50 in Mojo Bucks to spend in the Sparkleverse™, embarking on a 6-week Magic in the Shadows Course, or embracing celestial blessings with the Bonfire Blessing – Zodiac Ceremony Kit. These raffle prizes are your ticket to even more enchantment and transformation.

What's Inside the Freebie Pack:

Done For You Hashtag & Keyword Vault for Witchy

Are you tried of settling for basic, uninspired, hashtag lists for your social media strategy and keyword research, or searching for ones that “sound cool,” not knowing if they’ll help? 

Look no further than this curated, extensive list of the most popular and effective hashtags to boost your social media presence.

Shadows and Sparkles: Unicorn Shadow Work Journal

This unique journal is designed for soul-based magic makers who resonate with the mystical and the magical. It combines the wisdom of shadow work with the enchantment of unicorn energy, offering you a powerful and intuitive way to navigate your inner world.

Unearth hidden truths, heal old wounds and embrace your authentic self through guided prompts and mystical illustrations. With “Shadows and Sparkles,” you’ll tap into your inner witchy wisdom and harness your true potential.

Crystal Clarity with Unicorns: Ceremony Guide

Discover the power of crystals, guided by the wisdom of unicorns, as you embark on a journey of transformation and clarity.

This enchanting guide is your key to unlocking the secrets of crystal magic, bringing forth the energy you need to manifest your intentions.

Illuminate your path and infuse your rituals with the mystical essence of unicorns. Elevate your spiritual practice and watch your intentions come to life. 

Illuminate Your Inner Self: Shadow Work Workbook

Begin a transformative journey with “Illuminate Your Inner Self,” a powerful Shadow Work workbook meticulously designed to guide you through self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

Embrace Your Shadow: Feminine Ritual Guide

A feminine woman does not reject her feelings but knows how to use her shadows for her growth.

No longer run away from your uncomfortable feelings, and learn to channel them to become unapologetically authentic.

90-min Video Masterclass + Fillable PDF Workbook

A Journey Within: Workbook & Journal

Are you ready to embark on a transformative voyage within yourself? Dive into the captivating pages of our meticulously crafted workbook, designed to be your compass on the path of self-examination and personal growth.

What awaits you inside?

  • Inspiring Quotes: Fuel your journey with words that resonate, uplift, and motivate. Let wisdom from renowned thinkers guide you as you navigate the labyrinth of self-discovery.
  • Interactive Activities: Engage in activities that spark creativity, uncover hidden talents, and encourage a deeper connection with your authentic self. Unleash the artist within as you paint the canvas of your soul.
  • Thought-Provoking Questions: Challenge your perceptions, provoke contemplation, and unlock profound insights. Carefully curated questions will prompt self-reflection, guiding you to uncover layers of your identity.

Over 50 pages include thoughtful journal prompts, insightful quotes, along with plenty of room to document your journey.

Bring Your Whole Self to Your Business: Inner Alignment Journal

This 10-page journal for deep inner work and shadow self-exploration includes supportive journal prompts for positive change and a tarot spread to help you connect with the parts of yourself that are holding back from your dreams.

Magic in the Shadows- Workbook/ journal

A very introductory look into your shadow and how to use that magic in your life.

17-page journal/ workbook has prompts and more to guide you.

Moon Ritual of the Goddess

My signature ritual guide to perform with The Goddess on a moon phase of your choice. Includes complete instructions for the ritual, including anointing your candle, moon prayer, recipes for incense, anointing oil, purification bath soak, and more!

This is for those just beginning their journey with The Divine Feminine, The Goddess and their own journey to find the sacredness within, and those who are already on this path and are looking for a bit of inspiration to refresh and inspire their journey!

What's Inside the Power Up Pack:


Unveil Your Intuition Workbook

Awaken your inner wisdom, unravel the mysteries of your intuition, and let this workbook guide you to a place of profound self-discovery with insights and exercises designed to illuminate your path to intuitive growth!

Let your intuition be a guiding light, and self-discovery lead you to self-mastery, where every step forward unlocks new dimensions of wisdom within you. That’s the magic of the Unveil Your Intuition Workbook!

Tarot of the Unicorn Shadows: Mystical Card Guidance & Spreads

Dive into the mystical realms of unicorns, guided by your intuition and inner wisdom.

Unveil the secrets of your path and illuminate your journey with these captivating card spreads specially designed for people seeking spiritual guidance and transformation.

Embrace the power of the unicorn and unlock your inner magic with the Tarot of the Unicorn Shadows.


Uncover the power of crystal grids and their transformative potential.

Designed especially for those seeking an upgrade in their spiritual practice. Explore the magical synergy between crystals and intention as you embark on a journey of manifestation and healing.

With the Unicorn Shadows Crystal Matrix, you’ll unlock the secrets of crystal energies, learn grid rituals, and harness the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry to manifest your desires.

Enchanted Rituals: Unicorn Ceremony Planning

Your guide to crafting meaningful ceremonies for sisterhood circles and witches alike.

Within these pages, you’ll discover the secrets to creating magical rituals that bond your sisterhood and invoke the power of the mystical.

As you embark on this enchanting journey, you’ll find inspiration and guidance on infusing unicorn-themed elements into your ceremonies, making each gathering a unique and spiritual experience


Journey into the realm of Sacred Shadows with this thoughtfully designed workbook, which will navigate you through the intricacies of your psyche and gently assist you in understanding your shadow side.

Major Arcana: Workbook & Journal

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery Through the Major Arcana! 

A transformative 30-day workbook and journal that guides you through the mystical and profound realms of the Major Arcana. Uncover the secrets of the Tarot and chart your course toward self-realization and empowerment.

 What Awaits You?

  • Daily Guidance: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. Each day, explore a new card, unraveling its symbolism and unlocking its hidden messages.
  • Personalized Insights: Connect the dots of your life’s journey as you weave your story through the archetypal energies of the Tarot. Gain profound insights into your past, present, and future. Align your energies with the archetypal forces, fostering personal growth and spiritual elevation.
  • Expressive Journaling: Unleash your creativity with space for daily journaling and artistic expression. Capture your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations as you navigate the intricate tapestry of the Major Arcana.
  • Deep Self-Reflection: The Major Arcana serves as a mirror to your soul. This is your guide to self-discovery, offering a unique and powerful tool for profound introspection.
Shadow Work Toolkit for Witchy Women

This toolkit includes everything you need to embark on your shadow working journey, whether inspired to create change in your business or your personal life.

Inside, you’ll find Tarot spreads, a meditation, worksheets for identifying and conversing with all parts of yourself, moon guidance for shadow work, magickal correspondences, and more!

Begin your witchy shadow work transformation today.

Cord Cutting Meditation

Cord cutting is a technique that allows you to sever energetic ties that you may have with other people or situations. These cords can be formed through any kind of relationship or interaction and can drain our energy or hold us back from moving forward.

By cutting these cords, we can release the negative energy and emotions associated with them and free ourselves from their influence.

This meditation was written and recorded by Mindy Ruddock in her home studio. This is a guided meditation created to walk you through cord-cutting.


Like many of us, my journey began with the study of books, and courses, and with the practice of traditional ritual and ceremony, but truly the depth of what I now know has not come from the words or practices of others but rather from what I have experienced firsthand with these teachings, and most especially from the prayers that I have written, the rituals that I have created, and the personal magic that I have discovered, and now practice.

All of this I wish to share with you… but not by providing it for you, but rather by guiding and inspiring you to create and experience it for yourself and to begin – or perhaps deepen your own journey with The Goddess whose blessings, sacredness, and magic await you and are within you

Choose Your Magical Path:

Discover the Enchantment Without Spending a Dime!

With the Freebie Pack, You’ll Access Valuable Gifts, Insights, and Unicorn Wisdom.

It’s Your Ticket to Experiencing the Mojo Magic Firsthand, and it Won’t Cost You a Single Stardust! 🌈


  • Done For You Hashtag Vault for Witchy
  • Shadows and Sparkles: Unicorn Shadow Work Journal
  • Crystal Clarity with Unicorns: Ceremony Guide
  • Illuminate Your Inner Self: Shadow Work Workbook
  • Embrace Your Shadow: Feminine Ritual Guide
  • A Journey Within: Workbook & Journal
  • Bring Your Whole Self to Your Business: Inner Alignment Journal
  • Magic in the Shadows- Workbook/ journal
  • Moon Ritual of the Goddess

Double Your Unicorn Magic with a Power Up Pack for Only $22.22!

Get 10 Extra Offers + One Ticket for The Power Up Raffle


  • EVERYTHING FROM THE FREEBIE PACK (no need to sign up twice!)
  • Unveil Your Intuition Self-Discovery Guide
  • Tarot of the Unicorn Shadows: Mystical Card Guidance & Spreads
  • Unicorn Shadows Crystal Matrix: Your Grid Guide
  • Enchanted Rituals: Unicorn Ceremony Planning
  • Sacred Shadow Workbook
  • Major Arcana: Workbook & Journal
  • Shadow Work Toolkit for Witchy Women
  • Cord Cutting Meditation
  • Prayers Offerings & Mysteries of the Goddess

One Lucky Winner Receives One of the Following:

  • $50 in Mojo Bucks to use in the Sparkleverse™ Shop (Unicorn Mojo)
  • Bonfire Blessing – Zodiac Ceremony Kit (Physical, shipped in the mail) (Juanita Markham)
  • 6-Week Magic in the Shadows Course (Mindy Ruddock)

The Spark Within Experts:

Crystal Berg

Unicorn Mojo: Brand Alchemist, Tech Witch, Intuitive Strategist

Maria Ramirez

Blue Rain Orchid

Jonita D'Souza

Exploring Femininity Ltd: Self-Leadership Mentor for Busy Women

Juanita Markham

hidden hollow holistix: Shamanic Practitioner & Intuitive Guide

Megan Winkler

The Good Business Witch: Owner

Mindy Ruddock

The Wellness Path WWC

Renee Starr

Goddess Priestess Witch: Owner/Founder

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I’m Crystal Berg, a Weaver of Unicorn Mojo, Brand Alchemist, Intuitive Strategist, and Tech Witch for Intentional Biz Owners.

I’ve been a tech entrepreneur since the age of 11, when I started building computers in my dad’s basement.

For over a decade, I’ve worked exclusively in the world of pixels, supporting fellow magic makers: coaches, healers, service providers, and animal-based biz owners manifest their vision into the world.

Over the years, I have produced and managed around 100 summits, giveaways, and bundles and decided it’s time to manifest a unique version that is more beneficial to the experts and attendees and is also affordable.

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